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Introducing Palace Events

Welcome to the official Palace Events blog!

Palace Events is an event coordinating and rental business located in Bloomington, IL. We have been around for almost six years, and have had the pleasure of providing services anywhere from setting up a tent for a graduation party, to planning and executing a dream wedding. Our team of interns, full-time, and part-time employees work together to create beautiful events, and our positive energy, efficiency, and passion for excellence are what sets us apart!

The purpose of this blog is to showcase our numerous amenities, discuss the hottest up-and-coming wedding trends, and give people a better idea of who we are! Each week, interns and staff members will have the opportunity to share their experience; whether it be working on an itinerary, meeting with a client, coordinating a wedding, or one of the many other exciting things that we do here at Palace Events. Also keep an eye out for our hot product posts - from uplighting to arbors, we've got it all! Please feel free to explore, and learn even more about who we are as a company!

Stay tuned for future blog posts!

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