Biaggi's Gallery

Cocktail tables with White Cocktail Spandex & Tall X Back Chairs | 2016

White Silk Pleated Drape with Swag, Yellow Napkins, Periwinkle Tablecloths, White chair Covers | April 2017

Lounge Couches & Coffee Tables

Dark Roast Harvest Tables, White Chiavari Chairs, White Lace Runners | 2016

Lit Cocktail Tables | 2016

Cocktail tables with Black Cocktail Spandex & Tall X Back Chairs | 2016

White Rouge Pipe & Drape, LED Uplighting, Reg Chair Covers, Red Napkins, Black Sequin Tablecloth | February 2017

White Silk Pleated Pipe & Drape, LED Uplighting, Black Chair Covers, Grey Tablecloths, Black Napkins | 11.06.2017

Black Sequin Tablecloth, White Chair Covers | 2017

Cocktail Tables with Navy Blue Cocktail Spandex | 2017

White Silk Pleated Drape, LED Uplighting, Grey Tablecloths, Fruitwood Chiavari Chairs

Tent & window sidewalls

Fruitwood chiavari & blue puck-lit cocktail tables

Tall gold chiavari chairs & cocktail tables